Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The Next Big Game - Briefings

With the next Herefordshire VBCW Big Game coming next month, I thought it might be interesting to show you the initial briefing that I send to prospective players.

Hi gents,

Regarding the next VBCW big game - Saturday 14th March 2015 - the usual stuff first...

Cost - TBC (approx. £10-15 per head depending on catering costs) - Includes hall hire and catering (see below)

Venue - Burley Gate Village Hall - https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/leisure-and-culture/community-halls/burley-gate-village-hall

Start/finish time - Start approx 10am, finish no later than 6pm (usually way before then)

Food - Catering will be provided. Depending on how things go you will may asked to choose 2 items from the menu in a future email. Please let me know if you have any dietary requirements.

Rules - 'Went The Day Well?' platoon level rules - Don't worry if you haven't played these rules before as there will be plenty of players willing to show you the ropes. I will also send a quick reference sheet on request.

Force composition - Please use the attached Platoon Generator guide to build your platoon. Please speak up if you do not have any/enough figures as collectively we should have enough to help you out. We're pretty flexible with the guide, so please let me know if you have any issues.

Terrain - We should have enough terrain, and will hopefully be dressing the tables the night before (please refrain from adding bits without our say-so). You are however welcome to bring bits along as I'm sure we'll need extra stuff on the day.

Players - Here's a list of players who have definitely confirmed attendance, their faction and the battlefield I’ve pencilled you in on. Please let me know if you have any issues, or if I've missed anyone out.
 (Snipped for privacy)
Please get together, nominate an overall commander for each faction, and by all means discuss your battle plans. Faction briefings will be emailed soon.

Please also let me know if you'd rather be known by your real name as opposed to your forum username, and vice-versa.

Curry! Please let me know if you're up for the post-game curry (usually ordered for 7pm) at Giles' house down the road. If you want to stay for the curry, here's a link for the menu - http://www.just-eat.co.uk/restaurants-desilounge-hr1/menu - please let me know if you’re staying, and your menu choice ASAP.

And now, the story so far…
 An alliance of Anglican League, Welsh Nationalist and Socialist forces has pushed across the Welsh border to capture the important railway junction at Eardisley, and occupy a strong position to take the strategic Titley Junction – all part of their grand plan to take control of the Hay-Presteigne line and link it up to the Golden Valley Railway, much of which lies under the control of Sir Gilbert. For his part Sir Gilbert has attempted to chasten rival landowners in neighbouring Longtown for daring to oppose his expansionist plans.
 However, far from putting the local government forces on the back foot, this advance has galvanised them into action: sending squads of loyal men to secure any neutral parishes along the westbound railway routes from Hereford and Leominster. Those border parishes that were under the sway of the Landowners’ Protection Association have also taken action; realising that banding together for mutual protection is not enough, the local gentry from Longtown to Clifford have declared their estates for the government and the King.
 As the forces loyal to the King gather momentum, the anti-government coalition must now brace themselves for the inevitable counterattack. However in addition to weathering the storm there is still scope for an offensive – if the rebels can take the Royalist parish of Dorstone and the river crossing at Bredwardine they will not only cut off the newly declared Royalist border region, but also complete their mastery of the Golden Valley Railway.
 The Royalists and BUF remain strong, with reinforcements and supplies coming in from government depots outside the county. The BUF still has scores to settle while the Royalists are also keen to get back on top, buoyed by growing local support from those fearful of a belligerent Wales.
 On the other hand the Anglican League has yet to carve out a stable supply route and relies on an increasingly expansionist Nationalist Wales. Their uneasy bedfellows the Socialists at least now have their foot in the door, awarded somewhat begrudgingly by their allies, but will not be content with languishing in an isolated spot in the back of beyond. Sir Gilbert now has Royalists in his back yard and Socialists peering over the fence, but securing Dorstone, the final piece in his jigsaw, will solve all his problems.
 Thus the scene is set for more battles along the border…
 Looking forward to a good day’s gaming!

There you have it!

At the time of writing there are still some spare places, so if you fancy a trip to the 'shire then please let me know :-)

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