Thursday, 5 February 2015

Carry On, Doctor

I am pleased to announce that distinguished medical practitioner Dr. Kenneth Tinkle has joined my VBCW collection.

Fresh from Harley Street, this eminent fellow, a member of the Royal Army Medical Corps in the last war, has donned his regimental tie and is heading out once more to the battlefield to provide care to the wounded.

Joining him are three volunteers, namely Sister Hoggett and Nurses Clarke and Parkin. The latter pair are dressed in an approximation of a WW1 Voluntary Aid Detachment Red Cross nurse uniform, while Sister Hoggett's uniform markers her out as a Trained Nurse.

Finally, accompanying the myopic medic is Tinkle's faithful batman/bodyguard, Henry.

Some fun figures from Blind Beggar Miniatures. The doctor and nurses comprise the Medical Practitioners pack, while the chap with the shotgun is from the Gents in Bowlers set.


  1. Nice work! A formidable trio of ladies there. I like the "You'll get better, or else!" pose.

    1. Cheers AJ - being married to a nurse I know that look!


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