Friday, 25 September 2015

Scientific Advisors – Splendid Chaps, all of Them

Who are these strange chaps?

Well, they claim to be ‘scientific advisors’, although they’re nothing like the scientists I’ve ever come across!

For a start, they all insist on being called Doctor John Smith - the Doctor for short, and when they turn up (seemingly at random), they always bring with them some sort of mobile laboratory disguised as a police box. How they manage to carry out any experiments in such a cramped space is beyond me…

Heresy Miniatures

They are, to a man, very eccentric – if only in their dress sense (ranging from navvy jackets to frilly shirts). They can also sometimes be overheard muttering to themselves about how the civil war shouldn’t actually have started (then again, that’s something we all wish), claiming that King Edward VIII should really have abdicated and that, by rights, his brother should be on the throne!

Crooked Dice

Apparently these odd fellows are determined to investigate the source of this ‘anomaly’, by attempting to, and I quote: ‘neutralise the temporal paradox and reverse the polarity of…’ well, something or other – one tends to get a little lost when talking to the Doctor!


Personally I think that, while each one of them undoubtedly possesses a brilliant scientific mind, they are all completely bonkers, and are only sent to assist us when HQ has had enough of their wittering and wants one of them out of the way for a while…


Some lovely ‘temporal traveller’ miniatures from Heresy and Crooked Dice that I have been meaning to treat myself to for ages - happily some birthday money has allowed me to indulge!


For a change I’ve actually taken my time in painting these, as opposed to my usual base-coat and quick-shade method, allowing me to experiment with shading, highlighting, drybrushing and such. I’m very happy with the results!

Friday, 11 September 2015

Civvy Street

I thought it was high time to add some more non-combatants to my VBCW collection. Luckily my mate Giles had emailed me asking if I wanted to add anything to a Wargames Foundry order he was doing (taking advantage of their 20% discount offer).

I plumped for their 'British Characters' set from their excellent Home Guard range, which conssts of a vicar, verger, scary-looking nun, policeman, ARP warden, an elderly chap, a lady of a certain age and a woman with a bicycle.

I also added the 'Max Normal' figure from their 2000AD range, as I think he doubles up nicely an important bank manager/businessman type fellow. He's a bit larger than the Home Guard range, but seeing as I based these on a variety of bases I had knocking about, they all vary in height anyway.

These civvies can be used as tabletop decoration, objective markers or plot points etc. and add a nice bit of character to my collection! (And no, I didn't paint the 'W' on the warden's helmet - luckily I found an old transfer sheet in my bits box.)