Friday, 11 September 2015

Civvy Street

I thought it was high time to add some more non-combatants to my VBCW collection. Luckily my mate Giles had emailed me asking if I wanted to add anything to a Wargames Foundry order he was doing (taking advantage of their 20% discount offer).

I plumped for their 'British Characters' set from their excellent Home Guard range, which conssts of a vicar, verger, scary-looking nun, policeman, ARP warden, an elderly chap, a lady of a certain age and a woman with a bicycle.

I also added the 'Max Normal' figure from their 2000AD range, as I think he doubles up nicely an important bank manager/businessman type fellow. He's a bit larger than the Home Guard range, but seeing as I based these on a variety of bases I had knocking about, they all vary in height anyway.

These civvies can be used as tabletop decoration, objective markers or plot points etc. and add a nice bit of character to my collection! (And no, I didn't paint the 'W' on the warden's helmet - luckily I found an old transfer sheet in my bits box.)


  1. A nice cast of characters there. Good for helping, hindering or just looking on as factions clash.

  2. A useful and colourful cast of characters.


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