Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Anglican League Militia

After painting lots of royalists and fascists, I thought it would be high time to do some more of the good guys!

As such, here is a company of Anglican League militia; the Archenfield LDV; to help keep the faith.

Figures are mainly Warlord/Bolt Action partisans, with the odd Musketeer, Wargames Foundry and Artizan thrown in.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

‘ello ‘ello ‘ello…

So I had a few days to go before the big game, and I wondered whether I could get another unit painted up in time. Luckily I had recently bought some of Artizan’s excellent policemen and so the race was on to see if I could plaster on enough dark blue paint before I headed out into Worcestershire!

It transpired that I did – and was even able to do a couple of weapon swaps (TAG weapons again) to give one constable a Tommy Gun, and another a BAR. While not everyone may feel comfortable with arming the British bobby in such a way, in these troubled times it is sometimes necessary to employ some chunkier weaponry when it comes to apprehending more heavily armed criminals.

Improvised armour

Two ‘Evelyn’ armoured vans from ‘6milphil’ and his new venture, Slug Industries.

The first one, which you may have spotted in previous battle reports, doubles up as a lingerie delivery van – there’s no reason why the Spodes shouldn’t do a little business in between scraps!

The second van, painted up for Evesham, could be for any faction. The gun barrel at the front was a little miscast, so I drilled it and stuck in some wire. A bit of plastic at the end and you’ve got yourself an anti-tank gun!

BUF standard bearer

During my manic last minute pre-Evesham painting session, I suddenly realised that I needed to cobble together a brigade command group. I managed this by scraping up some spare painted figures and borrowing a signaller from Giles.

I also had a spare Wargames Foundry WW1 trench raider knocking around, which, after swapping his rifle for some wire, made a passable standard bearer for the dastardly fascists.

The whole group (Brigade CO, batman, standard bearer and signaller) can be seen in this photo, hiding from the lefties' artillery and HMG fire in a building.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

'That woman'

I was lucky enough to get hold of the latest 'Other Partizan' figure, courtesy of 'tricks' from Sloppy Jallopy. Here is Wallis Windsor, nee Simpson, in all her seductive glory...

And here, getting her claws into our rightful King: powerless against her womanly charms!

The Landowners Protection Association - part 3

Sir Barrington Patchpole, commander of the LPA, in person, together with his command group.

From left to right: medic (Ironclad), ‘morale officer’ (Blue Moon), batman (Ironclad), CO (Blue Moon), standard bearer (Gripping Beast), batman (Blue Moon), signaller (Hasslefree).

Lord Spooner's Sporting Rifles - a team of snipers.

Figures are all Ironclad, with sniper rifles from The Assault group and some filing and putty work here and there.

The motto on the LPA flag is 'salvum terram meam', which, I am told, roughly translates into 'get off my land' :-D