Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Blog Pimpage

I am ashamed.

There are lots of lovely folks who follow my blog and regularly leave lots of nice comments whenever I post something.

Some of them also take the time to highlight my humble efforts on their own blogs.

But do I reciprocate?

Alas no…

But that is about to change! I have made a resolution to semi-regularly ‘pimp’ the work of my fellow bloggers, mainly, but not exclusively, VBCW/interwar blogs.

Your starter for ten is the excellent ‘Thoughts of a Depressive Diplomatist’, brought to you by Edwin King – a medal collector and regular contributor to the British Medals Forum, with interests in 'redheads, dead bishops and smelly old books'.

His blog covers a variety of themes, including the aforementioned dead bishops, the various medals awarded to royals, obituaries and moustaches!

I cannot recommend this blog highly enough, so please go and see for yourselves!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Sitting on the Fence Part 2

After my successful experiment (well, happy accident) with shredded laminated card, I thought I’d see if I could replicate the effect with standard credit card material.

The answer is no (obvious really).

But what you do get are lots of thin plastic strips of roughly uniform size, which when glued to bits of sprue and affixed to a base, still make passable fences.

The Boys from the Greenstuff

The boys from Greenstuff Farm are on the march!

Armed mainly with shotguns (though some have managed to bag a rifle, and in one case a Tommy Gun), these tough farm workers are ready to protect farmer Bert Greenstuff’s land from any undesirables.

This unit came about through a combination of factors:-

1: I had bought a couple of shotgun sprues, commissioned by enterprising VBCF member ‘Lord of Jerwood’.

2: I had enough figures in my lead pile to make into a unit (although they looked too military to be carrying shotguns).

3: My pack of Milliput was becoming increasingly unuseable, so I took a gamble and bought a pack of Greenstuff, which I’d never used before.

So I hacked at the figures, fudged in the shotguns and added some flat caps, neckerchiefs and lapels (oh, and some rather deformed hands) in Greenstuff to make them look more civilian and there you have it!

Now get orf moi blog!

Blatant Self-Interested Pimpage

Tasmin, AKA ‘Wargaming Girl’, has an excellent blog which has recently racked up 100,000 views.

In celebration, she has generously started a 5 day-long prize giveaway.

To be entered into the draw you must publically follow her blog, comment on the post and/or link it on your own blog (to get entered 5 times) – which is what I’m doing now!

Take a look and maybe bag yourself some goodies - Day 1 is here!

More tea Vickers?

Taking advantage of a recent 10% off deal at Copplestone, and the fact that Giles was placing a large order, I decided to splurge out on a Vickers medium MkII tank to add some armoured support for my Herefordshire Territorials.

I’m not sure how correct the markings are, but they are based on the Vickers Medium on display at Bovington Tank Museum (where she was employed as a training tank in the early years of the Second World War) whilst also adding a nod to WWI tank markings by adding the white and red stripes on the gearing.

The Hereford bull on the front of the tank is based on a picture I’d seen a couple of times during my visit to the Herefordshire Light Infantry museum.

All in all I’m rather pleased with how she came out!