Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Boys from the Greenstuff

The boys from Greenstuff Farm are on the march!

Armed mainly with shotguns (though some have managed to bag a rifle, and in one case a Tommy Gun), these tough farm workers are ready to protect farmer Bert Greenstuff’s land from any undesirables.

This unit came about through a combination of factors:-

1: I had bought a couple of shotgun sprues, commissioned by enterprising VBCF member ‘Lord of Jerwood’.

2: I had enough figures in my lead pile to make into a unit (although they looked too military to be carrying shotguns).

3: My pack of Milliput was becoming increasingly unuseable, so I took a gamble and bought a pack of Greenstuff, which I’d never used before.

So I hacked at the figures, fudged in the shotguns and added some flat caps, neckerchiefs and lapels (oh, and some rather deformed hands) in Greenstuff to make them look more civilian and there you have it!

Now get orf moi blog!


  1. Top work chap, I shudder to imagine the damage if these chaps all lined up and fired off both barrels at once!

    1. Heh, gotta get the buggers up close enough first!

  2. They look great those local birds better watch out!


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