Thursday, 16 May 2013

More tea Vickers?

Taking advantage of a recent 10% off deal at Copplestone, and the fact that Giles was placing a large order, I decided to splurge out on a Vickers medium MkII tank to add some armoured support for my Herefordshire Territorials.

I’m not sure how correct the markings are, but they are based on the Vickers Medium on display at Bovington Tank Museum (where she was employed as a training tank in the early years of the Second World War) whilst also adding a nod to WWI tank markings by adding the white and red stripes on the gearing.

The Hereford bull on the front of the tank is based on a picture I’d seen a couple of times during my visit to the Herefordshire Light Infantry museum.

All in all I’m rather pleased with how she came out!


  1. Very pretty. It's going to upset someone when it growls on to the board.

    1. Until, knowing my luck, it gets blown up in the first round... :D

  2. I-ve always fancied one of those.


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