Wednesday, 6 January 2016

New Year Silence

Hello folks - I hope you all had a jolly festive season.

Here in Herefordshire 1938 it's all rather quiet at the moment - this is because I've pretty much finished my VBCW stuff.

Will this be the last post on this blog then? Well, no, of course not!

I'm not ditching VBCW, but I've now modelled/painted everything I need (in fact I've more stuff than I need!)

There are still plenty of games to be played, and the narrative we've been running in our Big Games is by no means over. In fact I've already postulated an idea for the next bash, which is usually held March/April-ish time.

So worry not - while the content on this blog will be less frequent, things are still bubbling under the surface (including a collaboration with a local artist... watch this space!)