Thursday, 26 February 2015

Herefordshire Yeomanry

During the last battle of Titley Junction, the loyal forces of the Herefordshire Regiment TA were forced to rely on a locally raised civilian militia cavalry for their mounted arm. These horsemen, while no doubt very keen to do their bit for King and Country, ended up trotting back and forth along the rear and not doing very much at all.

Therefore the local military authorities have been given leave to raise a more professional cavalry force from the ranks of the TA, to be christened the Herefordshire Yeomanry. It is to be hoped that these mounted infantrymen will add the necessary dash, aggression and élan when the forces of the King once again square up to the traitors and rebels and retake the lost positions around Titley!

Another unit finished in my bid to clear the lead mountain - some WW1 British cavalry from Great War Miniatures (with an extra converted Pass of the North chap to make up the numbers). They have been painted in the same colour scheme as my New Ironsides, so that they can be mixed together and used for either Royalist or Anglican League cavalry.


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