Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Pining For Something

Ah January... That magical time of year when Wargamers of all ages take to the supermarkets, garden centres and sundry shops in search of half price Christmas decorations that they can turn to their own nefarious purpose.

Whilst running a few errands I spotted some packs of snowy pine trees going cheap at my local Wyevale and, as my motley collection of scenery is currently lacking in things arboreal, decided to buy a few.

Luckily I have a can of green spray paint courtesy of B&Q, so applied a couple of strafing runs over my new pine forest to reduce the wintery coating.

The trees are on lumpy plastic bases, which can be easily removed. However, seeing as I'm running low on plasticard (and what I do have I want to keep for making more hedges), I decided to keep them on and coat them in basing greenery scatter. The bases are reasonably heavy, and the trees quite light, so hopefully they'll stay standing on the tabletop.

Not a bad investment!


  1. These are a great find and work very well

  2. Really good job there! Always keep your eyes open, it's amazing what you can find.

  3. Those are rather good, a splendid find.

  4. Nice! Our local dollar store had similar before Christmas but when I got there they'd all been removed. :-/

  5. Thanks for the heads up, mate. Managed to pick up the last pack of 4 medium sized trees in our local branch - They'll come in handy when I finally get around to painting up my 'winter of 38/39' infantry sections for snowy skirmishes


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