Monday, 12 January 2015

Going to the Wall

Last year I treated myself to some goodies from Fenris Games, including a rather nice drystone wall set, which recently found itself at the head of the painting queue.

Well, I say painting...

The pieces came in a greenish-grey colour, which I thought looked quite stony, so I simply applied a shade over the bare resin, and then drybrushed on various greys, browns and greens to weather them. I then lightly drybrushed the more prominent edges with white.

Then they were glued to some bases and had a little greenery scatter stuck on, and there you have it - bish bash bosh! (Much better than my own scratchbuilt ones).

Hopefully they will provide someone with some vital cover during the next Big Game (March 14th), which is being planned at the moment...


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