Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Through the Barricades

"Yes I know Old Mother Blaggarty will not be pleased, but the BUF column must be stopped at all costs, and her cottage is the nearest place to where we want to build the roadblock."

"That's fair enough Your Reverence, but I'll be buggered if it's me who has to tell her!"

I thought it might be fun to knock up some improvised barricades - hastily erected from whatever furniture could be dragged out of nearby premises - and here are the results.

Most of the furniture is 1:48 scale stuff from doll's house supplier A Trifle Small - including some dark brown plastic sets (bedroom and dining room), some metal items (a tin bath, wash tub, brazier and a dustbin) and a couple of very thin plywood kits.

Added to these were some metal trestle tables that VBCF member 'Staffie' was very kindly giving away.


I originally had reservations when opening up my order from A Trifle Small, as they looked to be just that. However they're not actually too bad when compared to 28mm figures.

The dark brown plastic stuff was simply washed and drybrushed, although some of the pieces had hollow backs, which I covered up with either tape or plywood.

The metal bits were painted (with the exception of the tin bath) with various degrees of success (I'm not that happy with how the trestle tables and brazier came out).

The plywood blanket box was painted blue and then distressed with some sandpaper, while the wardrobe was dirtied up a bit, but otherwise left as was.

I based them in varying lengths (max 3" - the width of Giles' roads) to give flexibility on the tabletop, with the bin and brazier being based separately to double up as objective markers/scatter.

All in all, not bad!

Who's that lurking under the bed..?


  1. Nice work! They'll add character to the tabletop.

  2. Excellent stuff. I too have barricades on my agenda though I doubt they will look that good.

    1. Thanks Tim! Actually they were very easy to do, especially the plastic bits - I drybrushed saddle brown straight onto the bare plastic and (more by accident than design) came up with a dark walnut effect. A little tidying up and they were finished in no time.


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