Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Herefordshire in the Great War - telling the story 1914-18

Regular followers of this blog will know that I also have an interest in the Great War – more accurately, the role played in WW1 by my ancestors.


I was interested then to learn that my local museum is holding an exhibition entitled 'Herefordshire in the Great War - telling the story 1914-18' and so I popped in last weekend to take a look (and take some photos)!


According to the blurb: 'Herefordshire in the Great War - telling the story 1914-18' is a free exhibition of objects, photographs and stories from Herefordshire Libraries, Herefordshire Museum Service and Herefordshire Archives Service opening on Saturday 21st June at Hereford Museum and Gallery.

Open Wednesday to Saturday, 11am - 4pm until November 8th.
Additional opening on Sunday 9th November and Tuesday 11th November.


The exhibition can be found by going up the stair at the library and walking through the first room of the museum (which looks at various aspects of Herefordshire life throughout history and is worth perusing before you head on).


The next room, usually I think devoted to the Brian Hatton gallery (a local artist who died in the Great War), features a number of exhibits, devoted to such subjects as personal possessions of Herefordians who served in WW1, a replica Red Cross tent, agriculture and the role played by women, Rotherwas munitions factory, contemporary newspapers and Great War themed artwork made by local children.


There are lots of interesting things to see here - highly recommended!






  1. Looks like an excellent exhibition, John! Thanks for posting


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