Thursday, 25 April 2013

Unity and The Grey Lady

I wanted to expand my small collection of armour and so decided to take a punt on an eBay seller who is producing not-quite-historical resin tanks at ridiculously cheap prices, and here are the results…

First up is a medium tank for my BUF and Blackshorts, christened ‘Unity’, after one of the infamous Mitford sisters.

She being a BUF beast, I was content to spray her with black undercoat, drybrush on some mud and add a couple of transfers I had knocking around. The BUF symbol was printed out, stuck on with PVA and then painted over.

In response however, the Anglican League has built her nemesis, the Grey Lady – an absolute monster of a tank and a serious lump of resin!

I had to add the MG barrels on the sponsons but that was it. Both models came undercoated in grey and being a lazy so-and-so I decided to simply apply a wash and then do a little drybrushed highlighting and weathering.

Eagle eyed readers may spot a few small transfers – enough to make it interesting but nothing faction-specific so I can use her for any force.

Here are a couple of comparison shots…


  1. They look great. Love the names.

  2. Very nice. I do like the look of the Grey Lady.

  3. These look great JP! I second the comment regards the names.

  4. They do look great! The mailed fist emblem is so appropriate to the BUF.

  5. Are they the PMC tanks? I've a few of those. Good value.

    1. Not entirely sure - the seller was 'Aylafred', but from what I've read, they are certainly very similar so it could be the same guy.


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