Friday, 19 April 2013

20,000 Views Competition Thingie!

Thanks folks for your continued support of my humble blog and all your kind and encouraging comments.

It's becomming customary for bloggers to offer up a competition on occasions such as this, and as I have entered a few myself, it's  only fair that I reciprocate.

As such, I'm offering to do a write-up for a VBCW unit belonging to one lucky follower.

All you need to do is publically follow this blog and in the comments section below, tell me where your VBCW games are set (county or town etc) and what faction your chosen unit belongs to.

At the end of May I will draw the entries out of a hat and, after a little research, will make up a 'history' and write some cobblers for your unit!


  1. Firstly congratulations there JP, well deserved and I hope many more views/hits will come your way.

    My VBCW game is set in the counties of Leicestershire and Rutland. The unit are the Uppingham School Cadets who are fighting for the Duke of Rutland's Loyalist Edwardite forces against the dirty Socialists of the city of Leicester.

  2. Damn a give-away draw I can't enter!

    I don't 'do' VCBW (though I have a strange fascination with it), so don't have a faction to test you with.

    I await with interest what units people come up with, that's the beauty of VBCW - Uppingham School is a good start. When I was in my school CCF we were on the same summer camp as the cadets from Uppingham: I remember we were jealous that they had a Minibus! Perhaps PanzerKaput's cadets need a charabanc!

    Congratulations Jon It's a very nice blog, packed with all sorts of fun!

  3. Congrats on the 20k hits buddy. Good luck with those who enter the comp :D

  4. Very many congratulations on the milestone I am sure that there will be many more.

  5. Thanks for tagging along guys!
    PK, looks like you're the runaway winner so far!

  6. Hmm... only one entry then... competition cancelled I think :(


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