Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Hereford Supporters Club

So I had some birthday money to spend and at the same time discovered Colonel Bills Wargames Depot – purveyor of second-hand miniatures. The result: four support teams for my Herefordshire Regiment!

Vickers HMG team (Crusader Early WWII)
Lewis Gun LMG team (Brigade Games WWI)

Mortar team (Crusader Early WWII)

Boys anti-tank rifle team (Crusader Early WWII)

Notice that the bases are different to my previous offerings. Giles, having finally, I suspect, had enough of my slapdash attitude to basing, very kindly gave me some tubs of his basing material and base-paint.
To make it go further I’ve mixed it in with my old basing flock and then splashed out on some varying shades of greenery from my local model shop – I must admit the results are far better than what I’ve previously attempted, and so begins the laborious task of rebasing the rest of my collection...


  1. :-D

    What greenery are you using ?
    Doesn't look like static grass.


    1. Couldn't find static grass in the shop, so bought some random bags of scenic model railway grass (one dark, one mid and one light), so the effect is more by luck than judgement!

    2. well it looks good !

  2. Nicely done sir. I do like the scenic bases

  3. Nicer bases than my efforts, by far. =)

  4. Thanks lads - they were surprisingly easy to do!


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