Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Partially Armoured Car

Recently I bought a couple of second hand, but un-built, Tamiya 1/48 models off the Lead Adventure Forum. One of them is a Citroen 11CV staff car, which I wanted to turn into an improvised armoured car.

However when it came down to it, I liked the model so much (apart from the bloody rear bumper which refused to stay stuck and got snipped off and flung across the room) that I decided not to stick squares of cardboard ‘armour’ onto it, but went for a more partially armoured look, sticking some strips of metallic tape ‘rivets’ around the window and using up my spare ‘Purdue’ turret from 6Mil Phil.

Add one scratchbuilt Vickers HMG barrel, a coat of paint, a wash and some dry brushed distressing and there you go!

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