Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Parish map update

Roo’s Royalist report on the Battle of Kinnersley the other day prompted me to put aside my current Frostgrave obsession for a minute and dig out the parish map that I use to drive the narrative of our games for a well overdue update.

The most obvious thing following the last Big Game is that the forces of The King have made significant advances along the Welsh border.

The failure of the Anglican League’s push from their salient at Eardisley has given the Royalists the impetus needed to move forward against the anti-government presence in the area and tighten their grip around Welsh-held Kington.

They have also followed the retreating Anglicans back to Eardisley, and are also slowly applying a stranglehold there too.

Further south, the strategic river crossing at Bredwardine is still being contested, but the timely arrival of Royalists at Dorstone means that there is enough freedom of movement between these two areas to allow the pro-Government forces to exploit the gap and reinforce the loyal parishes abutting the Golden Valley.

Thus Royalist territory abutting the Black Mountains has expanded slightly at the expense of the anti-Government coalition, including Sir Gilbert, whose plans to control the Golden Valley railway are still being thwarted.

Outside the border zone, the small number of parishes under control of the various Socialist militias has been reduced as their influence continues to wane, whilst in the north-west, Mortimer Country still remains part of the neutral(ish) Landowners’ Protection Association (while a couple of eligible bachelors have piqued the interest of the lady of the manor, none have yet to press their suit with any real determination).

So the initiative rests once again with the pro-Government camp and, along the Welsh border at least, the Anglican League and their allies must dig in. However, while the Royalists and BUF are busy in the region, this leaves their presence depleted elsewhere in the county…


  1. I love the campaign and narrative behind VBCW games...great stuff!

    1. Cheers! I like to think that it's the narrative that draws players to our games.

  2. Agreeing with Gordon I love the back ground you have developed and love the map.

  3. It looks quite confused. I don't understand all the factions but it looks like a terrific battle generator. Who does the Shropshire Free State lean towards, or are they independent?

    1. I agree, it takes a lot of sorting out when you're running the campaign! The Shropshire Free State is, in our universe at least, Royalist (one of the joys of VBCW is that nothing is canon, so other players might have the area under different loyalties)


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