Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Fowler Steam Wagon

Following one of my habitual trawls through the For Sale section of the Lead-Adventure Forum, I purchased a trio of diecast steam lorries.

One of them was a Fowler steam wagon, with a blue metal cab/trailer and a bright red plastic underside. Further investigation revealed that it was initially made to celebrate 60 years of Halls Mentho-Lyptus, from 1927 to 1987. However the Halls Mentho-Lyptus lettering had been removed.

An original (not mine, which was missing the decals)
The other two steam lorries were, in my view, too small for 28mm gaming (my fault for not asking what the scale was initially), but they did come laden with plastic barrels, which I was able to prise off to use as scenery, objectives etc.

Both the Fowler and the barrels were sprayed black (courtesy of Halfords) and given a few drybrushes. I was tempted to knock up some decals for the wagon, but in the end I decided that I quite liked the plain, ‘well used’ look and so left it as it was.

Simple yet effective!


  1. Nicely done. The colouring is great. It does look about one step away from the scrapheap.

    1. Thanks mate - I'll take that as a compliment! ;)

  2. That looks wonderful, nicely done Sir.

  3. I really like that. At you say, simple but effective.


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