Thursday, 30 April 2015

Tanc Bustio!

Two BUF tank-busters have gone over to the Welsh!

Way back in December 2011 I converted four Wargames Foundry WW1 British trench raiders into tank-busters for my BUF. I was never really happy with how I did two of them. One was carrying a large wooden beam (to lever off tank tracks) which would have taken several men to carry in real life, while another had two sticky bombs which could be mistaken for party balloons.

Realising that I hadn’t any uniformed tank-busters for my Welsh nationalists, I decided to re-model/paint this pair for that faction. The chap with the piece of wood now has a more manageable crowbar, whilst the other chap, now sporting an Adrian helmet thanks to a head-swap, wields two less balloony sticky bombs.

Quick, bish-bash remodelling, but they haven’t turned out too badly. English tanks beware!


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