Monday, 20 October 2014

Parish Map Update

Now that the dust has settled after the last Big Game, it's time to take a look at the lie if the land.

An alliance of Anglican League, Welsh Nationalist and Socialist forces have pushed across the Welsh border to capture the important railway junction at Eardisley, and occupy a strong position to take the strategic Titley Junction.

The allies have elected to keep hold of these gains as part of their grand plan to take control of the Hay-Presteigne line and link it up to the Golden Valley Railway. Much of this line lies under the control of Sir Gilbert. For his part Sir Gilbert has given rival landowners in neighbouring Longtown a bloody nose for daring to oppose his expansionist plans.

The Socialists have demanded a slice of the pie in recognition for their assistance, and their uneasy allies have begrudgingly allowed them to set up shop in a handful of parishes. However these are isolated and separated rural locations where it is hoped they can run their Socialist utopias without upsetting the apple cart too much.

The Royalists and BUF, far from being put on the back foot by the rebel advance, have been galvanised into action. Squads of loyal men have been sent to any neutral parishes along the westbound railway routes from Hereford and Leominster and have secured them against any possible rail-borne thrusts from the Welsh border.

Additionally those border parishes that were under the sway of the Landowners’ Protection Association before Sir Gilbert turned his attentions on them have also taken action; realising that banding together for mutual protection is not enough, the local gentry from Longtown to Clifford have declared their estates for the government and the King.

Plans are being drawn, defences erected and assaults prepared. This will not be the last time that the border will shake to the sound of gunfire...


  1. Oh, I was born in Newent. I know it's 'over the border', but whose hands would it be in do you reckon? Great work as well!

    1. Hi Gareth - Newent eh? I've left Gloucestershire vague so as to leave it open for other players to create their own stories - fancy having a go? :D

  2. Nice work. Plenty of scope for conflict there.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks John! It's just a parish map snagged off Wiki and then coloured in :)

  4. Nice work as ever, JP
    We are just reviving the ILP Forest of Dean campaign - Hooray!
    So a question, what brand of Red are the new socialists next to Mitcheldean?

    1. Great news! Please keep me posted :)
      The Socialist pocket bordering The ILP is occupied by Leftists from the South Wales coalfields and miners from The Forest, so I'm guessing CPGB?

  5. That will cause some interesting friction! :) The ILP chaps are not keen on communists and they have POUM-ist comrades.

    Actually, my grandfather lived just there, in Lea Bailey, for many years including the 1930s - much of that little area was still in Gloucestershire until the 1950s.


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