Monday, 29 September 2014

Boys (and Girls) in the Hood

More Twiggy Mommet scarecrow protesters in the form of Blind Beggar's hooded cultists...

These were given a quick paintjob in readiness for last Saturday's Big Game (more of which in my next post). However, as most of our regular Big Gamers know better than to mess with any item of terrain with a scarecrow on it, these guys did not get a chance to grace the tables.

Blind Beggar is a small project run by 'Mason' of LAF fame, and these cultists are part of his first experiments with putty. They look nice and creepy (especially the little girl going 'shhhhh...')

A couple of the figures don't have hoods, so I splodged some Greenstuff on their faces and hid the join with a hat, but otherwise these are painted as is.


  1. Awesome. I wish Crooked Dice did some figs like these to go with there own Scarecrows. Great stuff!

  2. Love 'em, mate.

    Not one of the uses that I had thought of....

  3. Thanks guys - glad you like them! They're cracking minis.


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