Thursday, 15 May 2014

Presenting Miss Bonnie Taylor

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you Miss Bonita 'Bonnie' Taylor; Morale officer for my Welsh Nationalist faction.

Miss Taylor was born in Patagonia to a poor but hard-working family of Welsh settlers. Her father, a Methodist preacher, brought her up with the traditional Welsh songs, stories and poems that his father had taken with him to Argentina, as well as tales of the desperate conditions that compelled him to emigrate.

An imaginative and strong-willed girl, Bonnie quickly identified with the land of her forefathers, performing the traditional songs with gusto. When the cause of Welsh Nationalism became intertwined with the stirrings of civil war in Britain, she stepped up her already lively correspondence with various literary and academic figures among the Welsh diaspora and espoused a free Wales to anyone who would listen.

Desperate to support the cause, Bonnie yearned to do her bit in Wales, but being a mere preacher's daughter, felt unable to do so. This changed when she found herself betrothed to a local rancher, a well-off but rough and uneducated man who had little time for her old songs. At the same time, a trickle of men began to leave the area to fight for the embryonic Welsh Nationalist militias.

Seizing her chance, Bonnie slipped away one night with a group of volunteers and armed with nothing more than her lusty voice and her great-grandmother's cawl recipe, found herself on a steamer bound for Britain.

Some say that any true-blooded Welshman will happily charge into the very teeth of death just for a chance to hear that voice or taste that cawl. Others maintain that dashing into those fiery jaws is a distinctly preferable option!


The miniature is a camp follower from a Perry Miniatures camp set, with a hat and shawl of Greenstuff.


  1. That is superb! What a great conversion - da iawn!

  2. Great figure: Your bio leaves me feeling like I know her. The conversions make her a 'one of a kind" character. 'Oorah!!

  3. I see blonde, BIG Hair underneath that tidy shawl? Maybe even a hint of shoulder pads?

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