Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Yet another 'blogging for freebies' post

Mike, over at 'Trouble At T'Mill' is celebrating his 50th birthday by giving away lots of Too Fat Lardies goodness.

To quote Mike:-


The prize is a £25 gift voucher with Too Fat Lardies, which will get you the basic Chain of Command rules-only bundle plus (most of) postage, or the tablet/PDF edition and some bits bundle, or you can add to it to get one of the other bundles.


Now I've always promised myself to try out some of the Lardies rules, but I've never got around to buying any and, as I'm a big cheapskate, am a sucker for giveaways, so I'm pimping away like a white, balding, middle aged Huggy Bear! (Who like to paint little lead men.)


Oh, and this blog is also an excuse to try my hand at blogging via my iPad - something which isn't as easy as blogging via a PC without the help of a particularly useful app called Blogsy, which seems to do the trick!



  1. Interesting, The Wife has just got an iPad. How are you finding yours?

    1. Yeah it's pretty good as what they call a 'consumer' device - surfing the net and such, but not so good for file management, word processing, blogging and such unless you can find an app which does the trick.

    2. Basically I wouldn't buy one as a substitute for a PC.


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