Monday, 29 July 2013

Big Gun, Little Gunners

Having bought a second hand artillery piece and separately based crew for use with my Hereford TA faction, I decided to look around for some other gunners to use with my other forces, with an eye, as ever on my modest budget.

Time, I decided, to take a long-planned punt on some miniatures from Reiver Castings.
Now while Reiver have a very wide range of VBCW figures, they are very small compared to other manufacturers’ wares – basically being true 25mm. The sculpting and posing can best be described as ‘old school’.

On the plus side, they are cheap as chips - £10 plus p&p for a pack of ten. So two packs – that’s four crews of five men – all for just over twenty quid, isn’t bad value at all.

Anyway, here they are, again based separately for use with my Great War Miniatures 18pdr…



Civilian militia

Anglican League (with a sort of Boys Brigade vibe)

Again the photos aren’t brilliant as my camera, while having the sand blown out of it, still isn’t very well.

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  1. Great work there JP and those Reiver gun brews work a treat


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