Thursday, 7 February 2013

M3 Half Track, VBCW style

During my habitual browses from the For Sale section of the Lead Adventure Forum, I came across someone selling a Warlord Games M3 half track. Now I’ve been looking to increase my collection of armoured vehicles, and also something in which my various VBCW troops could be transported in, so why not kill two birds with one stone?

I’ve given her the VBCW treatment by ‘Britishifying’ her – to wit swapping over the driver’s side and the gun mounting and then removing the .50 cal. M2 Browning machine gun for a trusty Lewis Gun and neglecting to add the M1919 Browning machine guns to the sides and rear.

A dap of paint and a little muddying up later, and here she is!
Note that this is the first time I’ve employed a matt varnish via aerosol, and have been a little heavy handed (spraying too close and too thickly I think), hence the odd white-ish patches, which I’ll touch up at a later date.


  1. Very nice JP, good to see some transport for the foot sloggers.

  2. Well, that looks the business! The Lewis gun is a nice touch.


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