Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Geifr y Mynydd

Presenting, with apologies for the poor camera phone pics, Geifr y Mynydd ('The Mountain Goats' - thanks to Worldwarshed for the proper translation - thanks for nothing Google Translate!) - a new unit for my Welsh Nationalists.

Formed from volunteer mountain climbers, hikers and local hill-folk, Geifr y Mynydd are largely responsible for patrolling the hills and mountains that separate the salients of Kington and Monmouth with the Nationalist heartland of North Wales.

From escorting supply trains along rugged back roads and maintaining a Nationalist presence among isolated hill communities to launching raids across the border and ambushing punitive expeditions, Geifr y Mynydd are some of the toughest allies that the Anglican League can call upon. They are armed with a mixture of rifles and carbines, with a Tommy Gun and Lewis Gun for extra support.

I've harboured vague ideas about a unit of Welsh hill fighters for a while, but two paratroopers that had been thrown in free with an order from Wargames Foundry provided the catalyst. Using up the remainder of my lead pile and a generous donation of some Black Tree commandos from fellow VBCW fan 'Wilfie Smith' provided the rest of the unit.

Some head/weapon swaps and a little Milliput and there you have it! Note that I've experimented with this unit a little, using Coat d'Armes shade instead of Army Painter Quickshade - not sure if I'm happy with the results or not...


  1. Jp there are rather nice if a little blurry, gosh the Free Welsh are coming along.

  2. Love these, they look great! Give them names like Coslett and Cayo.

    The unit should be called Geifr y Mynydd, rather than Y Geifr Mynydd.

    1. Ah, thanks Mr. Shed - I suspected an online translation website wouldn't be man enough to handle Welsh! I'll change it tonight or tomorrow :)

  3. Great idea, lovely looking unit, nice work.


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