Thursday, 30 August 2012

A Load of Old Bull

More reinforcements for the Herefordshire TA regiment now, in the shape of the ‘Hereford Bulls’ Veterans Association – a volunteer unit of old soldiers that I first postulated in my initial thoughts on VBCW Herefordshire.

Figures are mainly by Renegade, with one or two Great War minis thrown in.

Please also be upstanding for the commanding officer of the Herefords, along with his command group, including batman, standard bearer and volunteer nurse medic.

All minis are Great War, except the medic, which is a Jubilee-inspired Princess Elizabeth in ATS uniform figure, given away at the Partizan wargaming show earlier this year.

The flag is a copy of a picture of the Herefordshire regiment standard from a 1908 cigarette card.

Finally, every unit needs a dispatch rider – another great War mini with a TAG rifle stuck onto hhis back.


  1. What great miniatures and beautifully done.

  2. Beautiful flag. How did you do it? Surely not freehand.

    1. LOL nope! I cropped the cigarette card image linked above and, using MS Paint, doubled it into a flag.


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