Friday, 13 July 2012

‘Impetuosity and Courage’ – the return of the Herefords!

After writing about the Herefordshire Light Infantry in a previous post, I was determined to represent them in miniature form in the world of VBCW. Luckily, after dipping into my lead pile and also receiving a large bag of free minis (courtesy of the extreme generosity of GWP member ‘Knockman’); I have been able to make a start!

The Herefordshire Regiment TA in my take on the VBCW universe are ostensibly a royalist unit, despite the fact that in a previous incarnation they fought alongside the Anglican League. My reasoning is that only a small proportion of the regiment felt strongly enough to join the AL, while the rest, mindful of their duty to the King but unwilling to fight their own countrymen, simply dispersed.

However, with the hills and fields of Herefordshire once again echoing to the sound of gunfire, the Herefords have been given leave to reform, with many of their old comrades re-joining the ranks. They have sworn to protect their homes and families and take on any wrongdoers – whatever side of the political spectrum they sit on…

Figures are mainly WW1 British infantry from Renegade Miniatures, with a handful of Great War Miniatures thrown in.


  1. Fabulous job there Sir! That looks like it's going to be a spectacular force.

  2. A cracking little force! Nice work!

  3. Great stuff, Jon. That's a perfectly formed force to get cracking with!


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