Monday, 20 February 2012

The Battle of Ledbury

Even though I was unable to attend the biggish game, I did help organise it, and thus claim the right to blog about it!

The rural area.
It seems that a great time was had by all – which is the main thing! Due to drop outs, the two table set-up was reduced to single large table; 18x6, with a 6x6 urban area as Ledbury, the rest was rural, with a long road heading toward the town.

The urban area.

The battle saw Fascist/Royalist forces (including BUF, the Shrewsbury School battalion and armed Morris dancers) take on an Anglican League/socialist coalition (including Canadians and Abyssinians!). The Fascist/Royalists launched a blitzkrieg along the road, while a force of cut-off BUF also battled through the town at the other end. The AL/socialists in Ledbury fought back bravely and both sides took heavy casualties, with machine guns, artillery and armour adding to the destruction.

BUF advance into Ledbury

The result was something of a stalemate – at best a pyrrhic victory for the Anglican League, who held the town but were severely mauled.

What will happen next? Did the Canadian ‘tourist’ (actually an anti-government spy) get rescued? Did the player who commandeered all the ladders for house-to-house fighting return them all? Only time will tell.

The Canadians counter-attack

Thanks to Rob and Tym for allowing me to bring you these smashing photos of the game, more details of which can be found here, here, here, here and in Rob’s blog here.

Royalist blitzkrieg!
Anti-government forces
Socialist armour gets a good pasting
Fascist HQ
Royalist steam powered improvised rocket battery
The manor takes a direct hit
I hope that any attendees who are reading this enjoyed the takeaway curry I organised for you. Here's to the next game!

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  1. Such a shame that you couldn't make the event; it looks like it was a great successs if these photographs are anything to go by.


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