Monday, 30 January 2012

Command groups

So I had a few miniatures knocking around that I planned to use in various command groups – here they are painted up!

BUF command

These three go with the BUF standard bearer I knocked up for the Evesham game and will eventually form part of the Herefordian arm of the Three Counties Legion.
L – R: Gary Mitchell Miniatures’ ‘Mrs. Plumber’ as propaganda officer, Gary Mitchell Miniatures’ ‘Richard III’ for C.O. and Musketeer’s BUF commander (which I'll probably use for a company C.O.)

Municipal command

Three chaps who will lead the Hereford City Municipal LDV battalion.
L – R: Hasslefree’s ‘Prof. Beattie’ as a medic, Wargames Foundry’s Victoriana mayor as C.O. and a converted Artizan Maquis fighter as standard bearer.

Anglican League command

Fresh from Ross-on-Wye, this lot will march at the head of my AL battalion.
Front row L – R: Ironclad servant (with extra tin hat) as ‘batman’, Bolt Action vampire hunter as C.O. and Wargames Foundry Victoriana priest as chaplain.
Back row L-R: Wargames Foundry WW1 trench raider (with added tin hat and sniper rifle) as sniper (duh!) and converted Wargames Foundry Victoriana parson as signaller.

I’ve still got a few more minis to flesh them out, but it’s a start!


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