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With the outskirts of Ledbury taken, the Blackshorts dug in and waited while the fascists of the Three Counties Legion gathered their forces for the final assault of the town. The MHC, local LDV and the Anglican League decided to counterattack the fascists and drive them out before they could organise themselves.

The table layout

The Blackshorts held defensive positions in the centre of the table (left to right: the Metropolitan company holding a bridge, the HMG, Boys team and ‘Evelyn’ covering the centre road, the Marches company held a stone wall to their right. Behind them in reserve was the Monmouthshire English company.

Blackshort defences

Facing them, the enemy appeared along the entire length of the table, concentrating on the fascists right flank, and not the centre road as they had anticipated. They advanced, threatening to outflank and envelop the Blackshorts.

The MHC prepares to batter the Blackshorts' right flank

Luckily the BUF Three Counties Legion, led by the interim governor William de Braose, arrived at the rear of the Blackshorts, their armour on the right flank to meet that of the enemy. As per previous games, these mechanical monsters traded shot for shot for the rest of the game without really giving or taking much damage.

Reinforcements arrive to support the Fascist right flank

To add further confusion, two groups of Twiggy Mommet scarecrow protestors arrived – allied to the LDV in an effort to atone for their previous treachery and furious at the fascists for duping them. One company turned up at the right flank to support the Anglican League’s Archenfield Amateur Athletics Association, while the other company appeared at the rear of the Three Counties Legion!

Scarecrows at the rear!

On the left flank, a company of militia, the ‘Croydon Crusher’ and two bombers advanced against the bridge. The Blackshorts took casualties, but, supported by the HMG and ineffective mortar fire, eventually drove them back, knocking out the Crusher and gunning down the bombers.

Bloodshed by the bridge

In the centre, a company of militia, supported by an armoured car, Boys team and an HMG, advanced against the Marches company. Both sides took casualties but the proximity of the Blackshorts’ HMG and more ineffective mortar fire saw the attack falter with very heavy casualties (the sole survivor, the standard bearer, bravely withstanding fire whilst pricking Giles’ finger and drawing blood!)

Attack on the centre

Eventually the fighting in the centre had reduced to that of the MHC’s armoured car vs. the Blackshorts’ ‘Evelyn’ and Boys rifle. Both sides blasted at each other across the wall at point blank range, without causing so much as a scratch! Meanwhile to the rear, the BUF reserve quickly turned to face the Scarecrows, who, failing a resolve test to charge, withdrew in the face of superior firepower.

Point-blank range!

The balance of the battle really hinged on events at the right flank, where the AAAA, supported by heavy fire from an LDV-occupied hill and the scarecrows, shot up the Monmouthshire English, who had rapidly redeployed to meet the threat.

Fighting on the right

Unfortunately for the Anglican League, the arrival of the Three Counties Legion meant that they in turn were outflanked – HMG fire quickly taking out their command group. Outgunned and demoralised, the survivors of the AAAA ran for it, joining the routing mob of scarecrows, which had been shot to pieces in their advance against the BUF reinforcements.


With the defenders of the fascist left flank and centre free to support the right flank, the Anglican League and allies threw in the towel rather than continue outnumbered. The final assault of Ledbury was definitely on the cards and a great time was had by all!

The end of play

More photos here.

WARNING: Readers of a squeamish disposition, look away now!

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