Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Liebster Award

My good blogging chum Edwin, AKA the Depressive Diplomatist, has very kindly put this blog up for a Liebster award (one of those pseudo chain mail things that, admirably, encourage you to look at other peoples' blogs).

As well as passing on the honour to other blogs I deem noteworthy, this particular incarnation of the award requires me to answer a few questions (posed by the nominator), so here goes:-

  • How would you describe your blog? - An outward expression of my obsession with VBCW and related aspects of painting, modelling and local history.
  • Why did you start blogging? - To keep a log of my research and writings on the above, and later on to show what I'd painted and how well they performed on the table top.
  • How do you relax (if it's not blogging)? - With my feet up in front of the telly, with a good beer/cider and a nice packet of crisps/pork scratchings/pizza.
  • What is your favourite holiday destination? - Sennen Cove in Cornwall.
  • Who inspires/has inspired you the most? - My daughters.
  • Why is a raven like a writing desk? - Because, after my futile attempts to earn a living through writing, I look at them both and think 'nevermore'.
  • 'Star Trek' or 'Star Wars'? - Neither - Doctor Who all the way.
  • What was the last book you read and the last you bought? Last bought and read, Working Men's Bodies by John Field.
  • Who is your favourite fictional character? - Rincewind.
  • Which historical event would you like to visit? - My grandparents' wedding in 1929.

Supposedly I must now nominate a number of blogs and ask them similar questions, but here I am going to break with protocol by refusing to highlight a selection of my favourites.

Please don't think me ungrateful, or disparaging of other bloggers' work! I believe that all the blogs that I follow are as equally deserving in merit and so instead of picking out a selection, I urge you to take a look at my profile and choose a handful of blogs that you don't currently follow.

If you like them, then by all means leave them an appreciative comment and, if you so wish, nominate them for a Liebster award :-)


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