Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Big Game News!

Followers of our VBCW Herefordshire big games will be pleased to learn that we're planning another bash - provisionally on Saturday 27th September (subject to change).

With the civil war continuing to rage across the country, shortages abound. In Herefordshire, no faction is immune to the problems of supply as everything from petrol to artillery shells are rationed.

The Royalists and BUF at least have a reasonably secure supply route to Shropshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire, but the government, content to keep the county as a buffer zone, is slow to put it's hand in it's pocket.

The Anglican League is forced to rely on a number of meandering, low capacity supply lines incoming from the Forest of Dean up to mid Wales. A significant proportion of supplies are painstakingly carried from ports in the north west, through Nationalist north Wales and down the salient into Monmouthshire. However, with Royalists from Carmarthen establishing outposts as far inland as Brecon, an alternative route must be found.

All eyes are turning from the largely stabilised front in south Herefordshire to the border country in the west, where a railway line loops from Sir Gilbert's Pontrilas to neutral Hay, and thence to Welsh-held Kington and points beyond in Radnorshire. Control of this line would greatly simplify the Anglican's supply route and bypass numerous unsympathetic enclaves in mid Wales.

However between these areas a number of strategic junctions and stations lie either under direct Royalist control, or are jealously guarded by local potentates under the umbrella of the Landowners' Protection Association.

It is clear that all local factions, aided and abetted by numerous interested parties from outside the county, must wrestle for control of the Welsh border parishes and the strategic railway line, before supplies run out...



  1. It looks like a great basis for a campaign. Plenty of choices for commanders to ponder on.

    1. Cheers AJ - hopefully it'll be an enjoyable bash!


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