Monday, 29 October 2012

Pox 1 - Wargaming 0

As the spectre of chicken pox stalked with playgroups of Herefordshire, I prepared for the 5th Big Game at Evesham.

But it was not to be, as the aforementioned pox struck the JP household and yours truly was obliged to stay at home* and help look after one spotty and very miserable child.

To compensate for this lack of wargaming, I consoled myself with taking a few photos of the Royalist platoon that I was planning to take to Evesham.

Captain Stanley Horne, with his platoon sergeant and standard bearer

Irregular LDV section

Trained LDV section

Trained Territorials section

Mortar team and spotter team

Sniper, motorcycle messenger, anti-tank team and armoured vehicles

Armoured steam lorry
Photos and write-ups from the game can be found here and here.

*Actually I did pop up on Saturday morning to say hello, and to see a man about a gun (don't ask). To give my wife a break I took our youngest (and at the time of writing non-spotty) daughter. There's no harm in starting her wargaming early! (Although the look on everyone's face when I turned up with a baby was quite funny...)


  1. Shame you missed, I know the feeling well. I missed out on a couple of shows last year due to kiddy illness.

  2. These things happen, although we'd far rather they didn't. Still, nice figures and models, sir.


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