Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Can you dig it?

After making dozens of road sign game markers, I realised that I hadn’t done anything to show units that have dug in or gone to ground.

Getting fed up with making signs, I thought I’d try something different, and came up with these…

Basically chunks of packing foam, cut into small wedges, with some stuff from my bits box glued on (a chap in a helmet peering over the edge, a rifle and mug resting on an earth bank, a spade and shotgun barrels resting on some sandbags). Add some of my new basing and voila!

Speaking of road signs, I’ve also glued some small discs (courtesy of Giles) to the removable bases to hopefully make them a bit less top-heavy.


  1. Now they do look good, especially the dug in markers.

  2. Love the dug in markers sir.

  3. They do look the business, sir!

  4. Jon, that's a great idea. I love the dug in markers, especially the tea mug and rifle.


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