Tuesday, 15 May 2012

‘Turned out nice again hasn’t it?’

(The following to be read with clipped BBC pronunciation to the stirring notes of the British Pathé theme tune)

The sleepy town of Hereford has awoken to the jolly melodies of that star of radio, stage and screen George Frimby, who has returned to his native soil to do his bit!

Following a successful career in entertainment, the Herefordshire Hollerer has joined the local Hereford City LDV as morale officer, bringing his trademark banjolele and prop lamppost with him.  Far from the music halls of London, the Tupsley Troubador is now entertaining the troops with his cheeky numbers, such as ‘With My Little Stick of Dynamite’, ‘Work Camp Laundry Blues’ and ‘When I’m Breaking Windows’.

[Clip of Frimby singing ‘Loitering ‘round the Lamppost’ to a group of bemused militiamen]

‘Our George’ got into a bit of trouble a while back, after his latest song, ‘Grandad's Flannelette Blackshirt’, was deemed too risqué by the authorities. And so at the risk of being labelled politically subversive, Frimby has returned to Hereford to make amends and will be accompanying his fellow defenders of Britain into their next battle – go get ‘em George!

(George Formby miniature by Eureka)

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