Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Pressmen: Bulston’s cider makers’ militia

 The Hereford City Municipal LDV has received some more reinforcements today in the form of the ‘Pressmen’: private militia of Bulston’s - makers of premier Hereford cider.

With the county in the grip of civil war, apple scrumping is rife – not to mention the hijacking of delivery lorries and drays that still travel in and out of Bulston’s various cider factories and depots despite the troubles. To combat this, the board of directors have ploughed some of the firm’s profits into training and equipping a unit of volunteers from throughout the business.

Fruit thieves, prohibitionists and black market cider sellers beware, for the Pressmen are on patrol!

(Figures mainly Musketeer LDV with two converted Aritzan Foreign Legionnaires)


  1. A fine looking body of men! It's good to see one of my favorite tipples is so stoutly defended.

  2. Great job that you've done there Sir!


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