Friday, 14 September 2012

Little Red Ryding-Hudd

Please allow me to introduce Miss Jennifer Ryding-Hudd, debutante-turned-revolutionary. An ardent armchair socialist since her early teens, Jennifer absconded from her wealthy family to join the socialist uprising after becoming something of a cause celebre (giving a clenched fist salute whilst being presented to the king no less!)

She fled to the Midlands and joined the People’s Assault Column, where her infectious enthusiasm for the revolutionary cause quickly earning her a position as morale officer for the Joseph Arch People’s Column, among whom she can be found, clutching the latest edition of the Morning Star.

Here she is conversing with the commanding officer, Comrade Commander Fred Gibbons, while in the background another comrade proudly waves the columns banner (the eagle-eyed among you may recognise this mini – a repaint of an earlier standard bearer who has obviously switched sides!)


  1. These look like fun character figures to flesh out a game. How would you plan on using Miss Ryding-Hudd in the course of a game? Just curious.

    1. Thanks Chris!
      She could be used as a morale officer (rules such as Went the Day Well? and Brigadier 38 allow the use of them to improve morale rolls etc.) or as an objective marker in certain scenarios.

  2. A nice figure and character.


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