Friday, 14 September 2012

A trio of HMGs

Some of the diverse factions that I am building for my VBCW collection are lacking in support weaponry. Luckily in amongst spare lead pile are some Renegade Miniatures French WW1 Hotchkiss machine guns models – time for supporters from across the Channel to ship some 'humanitarian aid' over to Blighty!

Each pack comes with the MG, an operator and loader, so a quick delve among the spare figures and the odd head swap or two was needed to create the third crewmember.

Firstly, the Welsh Nationalists, the ‘third man’ being a spare loader with the ammunition clip replaced with a pair of binoculars.

Secondly, the Anglican League – all crewmembers with with Westwind British heads; the third guy (standing) being a Foundry WW2 German.

Lastly the Socialists – the operator and loader with Westwind German heads; third guy another Foundry WW2 German (stick grenade removed) with a head from… well, can you guess?

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