Friday, 22 June 2012

Things are getting a little strange…

A slight deviation from my usual VBCW stuff now…

Before you read this entry, you should know three things:-

1: I am a big fan of the works of HP Lovecraft.
2: If I had the gaming time, I would definitely be playing the Lovecraft inspired Strange Aeons horror game.
3: When it comes to competitions, I never win anything - ever.

Therefore, when I entered a contest on the Strange Aeons blog, I did so on a whim, without any real hope of winning anything. The main part of the competition was to present a battle report – there were some fantastic entries which, even if I actually played the game, I would find hard to beat.

However there was a much easier way to get involved – one simply had to follow the blog for your name to be put into a hat to win a special prize. Guess who got chosen…


So what did I win? Well a CD.

But not just any old CD, but a Deluxe Limited Edition 2 CD from an outfit known as Musica Cthulhiana, who produce ‘Dark-ambient, doom-jazz, horror-electronic and strange noises. Drone to minimal melodies.’

The album, ‘Fragment’, contains many such eerie soundtracks, against which the horror gamer can set his/her/its tournaments of terror.

Many thanks to the sinister folks at Strange Aeons and Musica Cthulhiana for your generosity – rest assured that should I ever have the good (or bad) fortune to get into horror gaming, this music will be causing shudders in the background!

Although listening to Fragment has got me thinking…

VBCW at Halloween anyone…?


  1. Now that, Jon, is a princely prize indeed! Congratulations!

  2. Very many congratulations and bizarrely this is the third time this week that I have heard mention of the Strange Aeons and I have to say that I'm finding my resolve weakening by the minute.

  3. Well done. Perhaps you should get some pulp games going with this playing in the background.

  4. Good stuff! Add Strange Aeons to the list of games I'd like to play someday...



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