Monday, 11 June 2012

Improvised mortar and crew

Time to give my small Anglican League force some extra oomph, with this improvised mortar.

Making the mortar itself was pretty easy – just a piece of Biro inner tube and a square of plastic for the base. I was then going to make a tripod out of wire, but I couldn’t be sure of the exact dimensions, plus it seemed rather fiddly, so I copped out and instead made a ‘wooden’ crosspiece out of bits of plastic sprue.

The crew comprise of two Great War WW1 figures (the separate guy with binoculars and the guy handing the mortar round, which was originally a pigeon!) and a BlackTree WW2 resistance assassin (the guy standing, with his trilby swapped for a tin helmet).

The mortar round and crosspiece are from my increasingly depleted Warlord Games plastic WW2 weapons sprue.


  1. Looks good but rather them firing it than me!!!:-D

  2. Brilliant! Love this and it fits so perfectly into the VBCW world. An excellent idea.

  3. Jon, fantastic stuff. It's heavy ordinance like this which is clearly going to terrify the communists. I'm sure it's capable of a withering fire at....what.....a round every three minutes? Shock and awe indeed :)

  4. Cheers guys - glad you like it!

  5. nice little piece. Like the idea of the improvised support it seems to fit well I think.

  6. A clever little model, and very British Civil War in its wackiness.


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