Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Who you gonna call? Tankbusters!

If there’s something red,
In your neighbourhood.
Who you gonna call?

There’s an Anglican tank,
And it don’t look good.
All the fascists call,

Doo do doo do doo do doodoodoo
They ain’t afraid of no tank…

These figures are some spare Wargames Foundry WW1 trench raiders I had knocking around, so I added some extra tank-busting equipment such as a crowbar (for prising open hatches, down which a Mills bomb can be thrown), sticky bombs (for attaching to and blowing up vulnerable parts), a great big wooden beam (for levering off caterpillar tracks) and a spade (for, er, digging stuff).

Note that they all wear black gloves in order to look sinister, not because I mucked up the resculpting of the hands... *cough*

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