Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Brigadier Gideon Langnecke

I had a spare Lord Cirencester figure knocking around, and so, with a bit of chopping and changing, I came up this this chap to lead my embryonic Anglican League force...

Brigadier Gideon Langnecke was already a highly decorated soldier by the time of the Great War, having served in numerous colonial campaigns and being wounded during the Anglo-Boer war. Present during the latter stages of the Gallipoli debacle, Langnecke was perhaps a little too vocal in his criticism of the handling of the campaign.

As a result this professional career soldier was shunted off into a number of advisory roles, touring the world as part of various military missions. A somewhat unconventional and outspoken character, Langnecke impressed and infuriated his hosts in equal manner and was eventually obliged to retire from service in the mid-1930s.

Angry and resentful of his superiors and the system in general, he returned to his ancestral pile near Goodrich, Herefordshire, to take up a life of the restless ex-soldier turned country gent. Railing against the establishment through inflammatory letters to the newspapers, the events that led up to the civil war led Langnecke to denounce the King and soon he was drilling with the LDVs of the local Anglican League.

His enthusiasm and leadership skills quickly drew him to the attention of the Reverend Meredith, leader of the Ross-on-Wye Anglicans. While a fierce orator, Meredith was well aware of his military shortcomings, especially in the light of the setbacks he suffered during the Ledbury campaign. He needed a military commander, and Langnecke fitted the bill perfectly.

Thanking God, not for the first time, for saving his bacon, the rebel vicar handed the reins of martial power to Langnecke while he shouldered the spiritual responsibilities. And so, late in life, Brigadier Gideon Langnecke became commanding officer of the Archenfield Anglican League.

(Figure is a converted Lord Cirencester from Mutton Chop Miniatures, with a Westwind head and Bolt Action plastic hand/pistol.)

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