Wednesday, 1 July 2015

So what's this 'Very British Civil War' all about?

In 1936, Britain's playboy King Edward VIII, thought by some to have far-right sympathies and a propensity for meddling in politics, abdicated in order to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson.

In the 'A Very British Civil War' (aka VBCW/BCW/ECW3) universe he refuses to give up the throne.

By 1938, parliament is dissolved, torn apart by the resultant constitutional crisis.

In the search for a new leader, the King appoints Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Union of Fascists, as Prime Minister.

Opposition to the new government forms around the Anglican League - a loose coalition of churchmen, disgruntled members of parliament and left-leaning political groups.

Attacked by regular forces loyal to the King and their BUF auxiliaries, the Anglican League militarises, as do communist organisations, local defence volunteers and a whole host of disparate groups. Soon forces loyal to the King's brother, Albert, Duke of York, arrive from Canada, adding another claimant to the throne into the mix.

Scotland closes its border and declares itself independent, nationalists take up arms in Wales and Cornwall while other parts of the UK such as Liverpool declare themselves 'free states' and the British Empire begins to crumble.

Set in a fictionalised and stereotypical bygone age, replete with 'what-ho's' and 'toodle-pip's', cricket on the village green and tea with the vicar, Britain descends into civil war!

For further VBCW information, please pop into the Very British Civil Forum and check out the VBCW sourcebooks, available from Solway Crafts and Miniatures.


  1. Thanks for the backgrounder of what launches the whole VBCW era. I've snagged quite a few of the sourcebooks & of course have already jotted down thoughts on the Nazi involvement (behind the scenes of course) & of course occult leanings. All good pulpy fun!

    1. Indeed it is! One of the great things about VBCW, apart from being able to set it in your back yard, is you're only limited by your imagination!

  2. That is a great summary there mate and would be mind if I nick it for the VBCW facebook and Google plus page?


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