Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Lead Pile? Cobblers!

A couple more figures from the lead pile painted up - a chap lying on a bed (possibly injured) and someone doing a spot of cobbling. I can use these for non-combatants, dioramas, scatter etc.

You might have noticed that my output has risen recently. This is because in real-life a change in job role is possibly on the cards, which might cut down the amount of free painting/modelling time. Therefore I'm working my way through the lead/plastic/raw materials pile while I have the chance.

These two minis are from the Perry Miniatures ACW camp followers set (bought second-hand from the Lead-Adventure Forum), elements of which I have used in other VBCW bits. The bed/table thing was given to me by a kind chap on the Very British Civil Forum.


  1. Nicely done. Good luck with your new job prospects.

    1. Thanks mate! Luckily it's still the same job, but with extra work thrown in.


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