Thursday, 22 January 2015

“When we looked back again, that dark thing was not to be seen…”

An ancient and jagged stone stands deep in an old English wood. Steeped in legend and dark warnings, the place is shunned by all right-thinking locals, for it is said to be haunted…

Just who is the mysterious figure lurking on the periphery? Has Canon Albrecht returned to reclaim his scrapbook? Do the remains of Abbot Thomas still guard his treasure? Has Professor Parkins blown that whistle again?

Recently I’ve been re-reading the works of one of my favourite authors, M.R. James – in my opinion Britain’s foremost writer of ghost stories.

This set me in the mood to do something different, and so taking a break from my terrain-fest, I dug out a figure from Blind Beggar Miniatures’ Dark Clergy set – kindly sent to me as a freebie (thanks Mason!)

The trees you will read about in my next post, the standing stone is a piece of bark, the boulders just bits of left-over putty and the figure a vengeful spirit from beyond the grave (or possibly some silly blighter poncing around in a bed-sheet.)


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