Thursday, 18 December 2014

Seasons Greetings From the Lady of the Manor

Lady Deirdre Ffaines-Muir would like to extend to you her most warmest felicitations of the season. Pictured here with her two faithful spaniels, Samson and Delilah, Lady Deirdre is currently residing at her country residence near Wigmore.

As patron of the Herefordshire Townswomen's Guild, Lady Deirdre is well-known for her charitable works, and for her active participation in the local branch of the Landowners' Protection Association.

The villages in her estate have recently become even more festive than is usual for this time of year, for they have been galvanised by the arrival of Lady Deirdre's ward, Miss Nemone Mortimer-Wagstaff.

This 'statuesque' young lady, pictured here under the watchful eye of head gardener Albert, is quickly becoming the most eligible 'bachelor-ette' of the county after coming of age and being presented to The King, for she is the only surviving person in the British Isles able to claim a direct bloodline to the Mortimer family - that once powerful dynasty of Medieval Marcher Lords.

This correspondent predicts that many a potential suitor will soon be sending their visitor cards to Lady Ceirdre's residence, in the hope that Miss Mortimer-Wagstaff and her loyal following in this part of the county will deem him an acceptable love match!

More smashing figures from 'Mason's' Blind Beggar Miniatures range!


  1. Lovely looking group of mini's. The Dogs are awesome and fit really well with the background you created for them.

  2. Splendid work, Jon!! And a wonderful background! Merry Christmas!


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