Wednesday, 29 October 2014


All this recent talk of scarecrows got me in the mood to scratch build another one, seeing as it's nearly Halloween and all...

While my previous effort was a stuffed effigy of a BUF bloke, this one is a simpler construct mocking the pious Anglican League (obviously they have been raising their tithes a bit too much!)

A very quick and easy build this - a crosspiece made from bits of cocktail stick, dressed in a tissue paper 'robe' (hardened off by spraying with hairspray and layers of paint) tied with string, a putty pumpkin head and a 'mitre' made from a rolled up sticker.

I'm not particularly happy with the paintjob, as it looks spookier as a WIP!


  1. Great idea!

    Don't worry about the pj - most 'real' scarecrows aren't as tidily done as yours!

  2. I like it! A great way to get the local faction's point across.

  3. A fantastic piece of work ,well done to you sir.Can we see a picture of the scarecrows set up in a field?

    1. Cheers mate - I'll see what I can do!